CBD Alertness

Do you take CBD for alertness in the morning? Try Graham Mountain Ventures CBD-infused Rise gummies for a fresh outlook on the day. Our gummies contain a generous amount of CBD- 25mg per gummy- to help you put your best foot forward each and every morning. See all of our products online and shop with confidence.

CBD Benefits

As you look into CBD benefits, remember, not all CBD products are made with the same quality ingredients. Read our product labels at Graham Mountain Ventures to see what separates us from other CBD edibles on the market. Choose our CBD Rise gummies for morning or CBD Rest gummies for a better night's sleep.

CBD For Health

Check into the many benefits of CBD for health and stock up on quality CBD gummies from Graham Mountain Ventures. Try our Rise gummies in the morning to start your day out right, or our Rest gummies in the evening for a fitful rest. Don't forget to check out our FAQ section for more information about CBD.

CBD Sleep Aid

Rest CBD gummies are designed to help anyone who is having trouble sleeping without making them lethargic the following day. Rise CBD gummies are designed to help users stay alert, awake, and focused throughout the day without keeping them up at night. This combination allows users to stay alert during the day and still sleep at night.

Professional CBD

Choose Graham Mountain Ventures when looking for professional CBD for morning or nighttime relaxation. Our Rise & Rest CBD gummies make it easy to get a precise dose of CBD whenever and wherever you happen to me. See our complete line of CBD products when you visit our site and explore our resources.